MTS LAB 8 – 10 Febbraio: Audition Techniques for the German Musical

Prima grande collaborazione nata grazie alla partecipazione di “MTS” al meeting MTEA di New York!

Due professionisti con esperienza pluriennale a Broadway e in Germania, per un lavoro mirato all’interpretazione delle canzoni nel musical, e per un lavoro unico nel suo genere in Italia: come prepararsi e come trovare lavoro nel ricco mercato del musical in Germania.

“You ask me after 40 years theater experience, what Casting Directors want to see in an audition?

They want to see who you are, if they like you and what you can do – in that order.”

Kim Moke

Audition Techniques for the German Musical

Musical theater in Germany requires an excellent choice of monologues, musical repertoire and interpretation for a successful audition. There is nothing like a good first impression! In this seminar we will work on the individual performance, the songs, scenes and presentation.

• Visual Presence – Making the First Impression

• Discover Authenticity and Roles that are appropriate for you

• Work session with Audition Material (Song, Movement and Text)

• Evaluate your Audition Repertoire

• Picture and Resume Tips

• Requirements for German Productions and Agencies

 You will work with experts in the German Musical Theater who have proved their excellence with over 30 years of commitment to the establishment of quality performers in the USA and Germany. Kim and Michael will work on songs, evaluate movement and acting techniques in every facet of your audition to improve your presentation.

Workshop will include:

Vocal and Physical warm-up techniques

Entering the room: Who are you

Individual Feedbacks on Vocal Presentation, Movement and Repertoire

Singer, Dancer, Actor? Self Analysis

Dance Audition: Mover or dancer? Tips on being successful.

Fashion, Hair and Makeup for the audition: What is your statement?

Acting the Song: Interpretation Techniques

Monologues: Acting for German Auditions

Pop, Classical or Musical Song: What do they want to see?

Pictures and Resumes: Which information – Which Picture

German Agencies and Musical Producers in Germany

Kim Moke

KimMokeArtistic director, choreographer, lecturer – CEO Stage Consult International. European Vice President of the Musical Theater Educators Alliance. Co-founder of Stage School Hamburg in 1990. Master classes and exchange programs; consultant for the development of education in musical theater. Director of “Fame Academy”. Member Musical Theater Educators Alliance International, Founder Young Talent Program. Colleagues included Liberace, William H. Macy, Gerald Gutierrez, Steven Schachter, Mandy Patinkin,The Rocketts, Pasek and Paul, ARD, Rai TV, RTL, Mantelhaus Kaiser, Langnese, Opel, Danskin, Astra Seneca, Dance Masters of America, The National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts, Young Moscow Chamber Theatre, Broadway Dance Center, Stella Adler NYC, Penn State University, Oklahoma State University, Jugend Kulturell, Ronald MacDonald

Michael Ashton

MICHAEL008 copia

San Francisco: 17 years musical director and conductor in many productions including “Beach Blanket Babylon” (still in a successful run). Accompanist and pianist for musical star Mary Martin. With Marvin Hamlisch has prepared and arranged the opening title of the 1989 Oscar broadcast. Known for: “Bye George”, “It’s Gillian”, “Forever Plaid”, “La Cage aux Folles,” “Beehive”. Musical director of the TV show “The Delphi Dolls”. Leading musical coach for “Cats” in Operettenhaus Hamburg.


Il LAB è aperto a studenti iscritti e diplomati delle principali accademie e ai professionisti per i quali è riservata un’apposita giornata in più. Si terrà in inglese con supporto traduzione per chi ne avesse necessità.  Gli allievi dovranno presentarsi con curriculum e foto (come ad un casting), preparare due canzoni preferibilmente in inglese con spartito (non si lavora su basi).  A piacere i professionisti potranno presentarsi con monologo in inglese.

LAB PROFESSIONISTI da Sabato 8 Febbraio a Lunedì 10 Febbraio

LAB studenti e diplomati: Sabato 8 e Domenica 9 Febbraio.

 Sabato 8 Febbraio dalle 10,00 alle 18 (per tutti)

Domenica 9 Febbraio dalle 10 alle 18 (per tutti)

Lunedì 10 Febbraio dalle 09,30 alle 15 (solo professionisti)

Il LAB si terrà presso “MTS” – MUSICAL! THE SCHOOL, Via Imbonati 11, 20159 Milano. Metropolitana MM3 Maciachini. Tel 331.7902040 Mail: info@musicalmts.it


Iscritti “MTS”  giorni 8 e 9 Febbraio: € 50.

Diplomati “MTS”  giorni 8 e 9 Febbraio: € 120.

Iscritti altre accademie giorni 8 e 9 Febbraio: € 130.

Diplomati altre accademie 8 e 9 Febbraio: € 150.

Professionisti giorni 8, 9 e 10 Febbraio: € 200.

Professionisti solo 10 Febbraio:  € 100.

Prenotazioni entro il giorno 6 Febbraio.

Per info telefonare al 331.7902040 operativo dal lunedì al sabato dalle 9 alle 13, o scrivere alla mail info@musicalmts.it


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