A meeting point for interchange between professionals and students. Acting, Singing, Dancing and all complementary subjects interact in a cultural and formative program, aimed to boost artistic potential in a path leading students to acknowledge themselves once again and to express on stage at the top of their game. MTS, the first biennial school of musical theatre in Milan since 1999, completes its cultural and formative baggage with international twinning, study trips abroad, museum visits and meetings with non-musical artists too.




Our goal is to provide a human and professional, artistic, technical and cultural growth and to form all-round young professionals, giving them the means to be aware of their interpretative and expressive abilities. A school where students can learn to be real performers and artists, but also fully aware human beings. With this on our mind, we point out well qualified teachers, with strong professional and formative basis with the aim of a high profile teaching method, based on actual experience and not just appearances: most of the times, a good stage performance does not make a good teacher. That’s because we planned our courses on a limited places basis, to provide students with the best learning experience in an appropriate environment. Last but not least, our students and teachers are given the support of a team of psychologists in cooperation with the School and with a vast experience in the field of youth and show business.



Anything Goes Allievi Scala001OUR STORY

In recent years, musical theatre has risen once again as one of the favorite show and entertainment format for Italian audiences and the city of Milan has been the center and starting point of it all. As the phenomenon grew, the craft required a higher and higher level of professionals, so in October of 1999, artistic director and founder of “Danza & Movimento” Cristina Belloni created the first biennial Professional School “E Adesso Musical” with artistic direction by Paola Olivieri and in cooperation with Manuel Frattini. In 2001, Simone Nardini took over as artistic director, in cooperation with Alvise Sapori and Fabrizio Angelini and the next year, drawing from his personal theatrical experience and with foresight and intuition, he merges the Biennial School “E Adesso Musical” and the brand of “MUSICAL!”, the first Italian magazine entirely dedicated to musical theatre. So the Biennial Professional Academy MTS – MUSICAL! THE SCHOOL was born. Opening itself to international market, MTS – MUSICAL! THE SCHOOL grows in an adaptation process, becoming suitable for new professional requirements. The academy has had brilliant and ongoing partnerships and collaborations, both national and international. On its 15 th anniversary, recurring in academic year 2013-2014, the school renews its visual aspect and the educational program alike. NonSoloTeatro replaces Danza & Movimento; chairmen of the board: Simone Nardini. NonSoloTeatro will not only be the heart of management, but will bring its own experience in international cultural field, formation and avant-garde theatre. New motivations for professional maturity are on the way!